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PageOne Healthcare Experience

PageOne has firmly established itself as a thought leader in the field of healthcare law. Our extensive knowledge and understanding of the intricacies of healthcare regulations, both at the federal and state levels, have made us a trusted partner for healthcare organizations across the nation. We constantly strive to stay ahead of the curve, navigating through rapidly evolving complexities in healthcare litigation and adapting to changes swiftly and efficiently.

Our competence in healthcare law is evident in the successful cases we have handled. From resolving complex litigation to guiding organizations through regulatory compliance, PageOne's Healthcare expertise spans the entire spectrum of healthcare litigation. Our proactive approach with staying updated with the latest legal developments and our ability to predict potential issues help our clients avoid costly oversights and ensure seamless operations.

As a recognized thought leader in the field, PageOne frequently shares insights on our blog, webinars, and newsletters. Our educational resources not only demonstrate our deep understanding of the field but also offer valuable guidance to healthcare organizations, helping them navigate the complex legal landscape. This commitment to education underscores our position as leaders in the field and a trusted resource for healthcare litigation support.

Use Cases


  • Physician and contract disputes

  • Class Actions

  • Medicare Fraud

  • Union and antitrust matters

  • Certificate of Need (CON)

  • False Claims Act violations

  • Covid-19 Litigation

  • Compliance

Healthcare Expertise

  • Meets data privacy requirements

  • Healthcare Review

  • Compliance

  • Normalizing data across entities and legacy systems

  • Experience handling structured data and audit logs

Managed Services

& Data Privacy

  • HIPPA Compliant

  • SOC2 type 2 certification

  • Cloud Security Alliance

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Evidence and data handling SLAs

  • Real time audits of access

Healthcare Review Experience

Institutional Knowledge

  • "Code Bank” proprietary Relativity app that repurposes data and attorney work products.

  • Creation of dynamic glossaries of industry acronyms.

  • Developed custom PHI redaction technology and workflow.

Layered Solution

  • Augment AGC high volume low risk work.

  • Provide a turnkey eDiscovery environment integrated with O365.

  • Assist with litigation readiness and preparedness.

  • Information Governance and Knowledge Management

Level Up Your Risk Management.

  • Monitor communications to identify non-compliant behavior.

  • Protection from regulator actions and headline-busting misconduct

  • AI-powered transcription.

  • Auto surface risky content.

  • Configure the platform to your team’s unique needs.

  • Contract management

Purpose-Built for Compliance.


  • Track Security, Ethics, and Policy Acknowledgments.

  • Privacy Regulation Compliance.

  • Push out Employee Health and Sentiment Evaluations.

  • Product Liability Inquiries report findings.

  • eDiscovery and compliance in one ecosystem.


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